Ever since we moved to our new house 5 months ago, my husband and I decided to be really good in handling our finances. We want to pay off our house soon. That means less eating out and a very strict budgeting. We didn’t buy any furniture, instead, family and friends blessed us so much by giving us stuff for our house. My husband’s friend realtor gave  this to us and a bunch of other furniture that they hardly used. It was such an answered prayer because we were wanting to have more chairs/couch for our living room as we like having people over.

2016-02-29 12.56.15

Although this floral couch is not that bad at all with the color that we want for our living room, the print is just too busy for me. Our other couch and chair are blue and though they are not solid colors, they are not printed either. I wanted to have a more unified color so I’ve decided to make our own slipcover using canvas drop cloth.

I have discovered, through pinterest, that you can actually make a lot of stuff using canvas drop cloth. It is so much cheaper than buying yards of upholstery fabric, is durable and have that what they call rustic/vintage look. I bought mine at Home Depot (Everbuilt) because their 6×9 10oz at Lowe’s (Proline) has seam in the middle which will make you waste fabric and wont work if you need a bigger cut. Dropcloth at Home Depot, at least from my experience, don’t have seam in the middle and I kinda like the texture and color better. Also, it doesn’t fray as much.

When using canvas drop cloth, prewash is very important. You’ll know once you open the package. It’s so stiff, hard and smells like chemicals but after prewashing/bleaching it, it’s going to be softer and nice.

I soaked mine overnight in 3 cups of bleach and hot water in my machine. Then run in normal cycle the next day, washed it again in hot water but this time, just with the laundry soap. Then I washed it again twice without soap at all, just the hot water. I would’ve use a fabric softener but we didn’t have it so I just went with it. After washing, I put it in the dryer in high heat to preshrunk it. Then take it out of the dryer while still a little damp and iron it and you’re good to go!

I’ve read a lot of diy’s and how to’s for slipcovers but these 2 blogs are the best that I’ve found ( Miss Mustard Seed and  Cedar Hill Farmhouse). This project is overwhelming at first but you’ll get the hang of it. Of course, it wasn’t perfect but I love how it came out. The couch has 2 matching pillow so I made 2 colorful pillow covers for it.

2016-03-01 11.27.01Here’s my diy couch slipcover and pillow case 🙂  I have enough fabric canvas so I also made a slipcover for our ottoman.

2016-03-04 10.31.31.jpg

Looking at these in our living room makes all the hard work worth it! I’m still planning to make a slipcover for our chair, other couch and glider. I’m so excited and I know everything will look really nice when they’re finished!

How about you? Have you ever used a canvas drop cloth for house projects? Don’t hesitate to share. I’d appreciate new, fun and creative ideas.

Blessed day everyone!



  1. This is fantastic! I just don’t know how you found the time to do all this work with two little ones around. Also, I did not know that drop cloth could be used. Thank you for explaining the process that you used to bleach and soften it. This is such a good idea, that I hope to use it someday. The colors of the pillows made everything look bright. Thank you for sharing! ❤


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